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I’m an open-minded guy. If a cougar is pretty, as Sheila, I don’t care if she’s 38. Oh Sheila, I do want to see you again.

Paul, Manitoba

I didn’t know forty could look so hot. Cassie met me in a short black dress and four inch heels. I couldn’t wait to get through dinner and make dreams do come true. Thanks cougardating.tv

Bart from Niagara Falls, Canada

Hey hot mamma. Gimmee a cougar purr. Your pix are making it hard to wait for Friday night. We’re gonna make us some fireworks…

Jared, Toronto, Canada

Browsing the ladies, I landed on cougardating.tv and gave it a try. I’m not believing the night we had. Nothing was held back. I’m still smiling. I recommend the site for any young dude.

Lawrence, Prince Edward Island

Ahh!!! My 22 year old girl is a doll, with ice in her heart. One night I came to the cougar dating site looking for one of those older ladies. Ruby baby, I’ll never look back.

Ernie, British Columbia